Domestic Appliance Referral Management Service

Provides access to a wide range of the latest household appliances for both your referred customers and staff members.

How will your organisation benefit from the Domestic Appliance Referral Management Service?

  • Offers convenient and affordable access to a wide selection of the latest household appliances for you, your referred customers and staff.
  • Many items are available at discounted prices even when compared to those offered to the general public online.
  • Service options include delivery, installation, and removal of old items if required.
  • Appliances are new, energy-efficient and come with a full warranty.
  • Supports wellbeing, of you, your customers and your staff by providing affordable access to such items.
  • Offers flexible payment options: full payment or through affordable loans, including interest-free or family loans where available.
  • Also, through Community First’s complementary and free ‘Save Through Your Pay’ service, which provides money management support whilst encouraging people to save, further and additional discounted borrowing rates can also be obtainable – reducing costs, helping individuals to feel more financially in control and prevents them turning towards high-cost or even illegal money lenders.
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How does your organisation join or find out more about the Domestic Appliance Referral Management Service?

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