Prudent Account

This is your standard savings account with the community bank. It also gives you access to other community bank services such as low cost loans and our Budgeting Account Service.

Deposits can be made by bank transfer or standing order, or by direct deposit from your employer, pension or benefit. We also operate a payroll deduction scheme with a number of employers in the area so you can save from your wage, click here for more.

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Withdrawals can be made by bank transfer, which can be requested either in any of our branches or by using our online services via the members’ area. Click here for more about online banking.

You might wish to use our card services if you do not have or want another bank account. Click here for more about our card services.

You can join in branch or online

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To open this account you must be at least 16 years of age, live or work in our common bond, make a minimum deposit of £1.00. You will also need to be able to prove your identity.

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