Budgeting Account

Our Budgeting Account helps you manage payments to and from your community bank account.

This ensures you do not miss critical bill payments, like mortgage, rent, council tax or electricity; taking away the worries and concerns, allowing you to just get on with your life.

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The Budgeting Account Service works perfectly with our card services to help you ration your money; ensuring you’re not left waiting for payday with nothing.

How it works

  • Tell us what you need to pay, how often and when.
  • Set aside the money to pay your bills.
  • We will set up standing order payments from your credit union accounts, and continue to make the payments on a regular basis until you tell us to stop making payments; for example if you move home.
  • You can check your bill payments using our online banking services.

You get peace of mind and convenience for £2.00 per month; less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

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