Back to School

Caught short for the start of the new school year?

Community First can help with a fair and affordable loan. Get ahead and prepare for next year with our Back to School Savers Account.

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Back to School
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Community First loans are simple, fair and affordable when you need them the most. It takes just a couple of minutes to apply.

  • Save with us

    Save with us

    Saving regularly isn’t just a good habit, it’s also about building financial resilience. You can make weekly, monthly or annual savings with us by standing order, payroll deduction or via benefit deduction.

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  • Budgeting service

    Budgeting service

    Our Budgeting Account helps you manage payments to and from your credit union account. This ensures you do not miss critical bill payments, like mortgage, rent, council tax or electricity.

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  • Online banking

    Online banking

    Our online banking services allow you to access many of our services without having to visit one of our branches or call our accounts support team.

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