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Your Multi-Award winning Credit Union

We are pleased to announce that in November 2018 your Credit Union has won multiple categories at the Edward Filene Credit Union Awards for Excellence.

Awards include:

Winner - Supreme Award, the Edward Filene Award for Entrepreneurship

Winner - Single Benefactor To A Credit Union

Winner - Customer Services Officer Of The Year

Winner - CEO Of The Year

Runner Up  - Young Credit Union Leader (as last year's winner it is a fantastic acheivement to be awarded second place this year).

Runner Up - Setting Up Pop Up Credit Union Services

Runner Up - Community Mobilisation & Outreach

Runner Up - Credit Union Advocacy with Local & National Politicians


Seeing the hard work to make your Credit Union the best it can be recognised in this way has only redoubled our resolve to work for a better future for your Credit Union. 


An exerpt from the award organisers award introduction:

"And now a credit union that only cares about tomorrow, but we must look at what it has done yesterday and today.  A credit union that is very modest, located in a county that maintains if it was a country on its own would come ninth overall in the summer Olympics! 

It has a very driven management team, led by the winner of the Award for Chief Executive Officer, he is totally driven 24/7, 365; their Supervisor, winner of the Benefactor of the Year, who is dogged and determined, holding all in the credit union to account. As well as the winner of the Customer Services Officer of the Year, the voice and face of any credit union to the people it serves.  This credit union was also Runner Up in 4 other categories. 

The Board of Directors of this credit union should be proud it has a magnificent self-programing and self-motivated team looking out for the credit union.  Roll the film … Community First Credit Union – Gary Simpson, Pat Marriott and Zoe Monkman.   Totalling up all these scores produced the highest aggregate score across all categories making Community First the winner of the big one, the Supreme Award, the Edward Filene Award for Entrepreneurship."

Posted: 23 January 2019

Your Multi-Award winning Credit Union